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Medingale helps your businesses to raise capital, manage accounts and tax, close deals and optimise growth.

About Us


Medingale is the advisory firm built by operators for founders, family offices and investors.

Whether it is growing the top line, optimising the bottom line or preparing your business for its next funding step, Medingale partners with you on results.



Funding a big idea requires thoughtful planning, great communication, and careful working capital allocation.

Medingale works with founders and investors across the funding journey from preparation, building the opportunity, pre- and post- raise execution.


We take the time to keep the numbers short and clear.

Our accounts team makes sure that the bookkeeping, tax and reporting are done right, higlighted with insight and communicated in clear business language.


With operator level experience in across financial markets, technology, digital media, e-commerce and AI in their manifest forms, our team has delivered growth strategies for B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses.


We  understand the right results required from the right metrics, and how to develop a plan to deliver investment-grade margins.



Andrew has worked for 20 years as Founder, Group CFO and CEO in the AI, technology, media and education sectors across the UK, US, Sub-Saharan Africa and APAC.


Andrew is expert in capital markets and private equity, financial planning and analysis, capital raising, accounting operations, auditing, treasury, corporate development (legal, tax, M&A) and governance.

Andrew Philbrick, CGMA

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